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Surgery Scheduling

Seize momentum and amplify patient interest with precision-designed follow-up strategies.

Power bookings with surgery scheduling

Surgery scheduling isn’t just about securing dates; it’s about crafting an enduring narrative of excellence.

Each interaction presents an invaluable opportunity to craft meaningful impact. Our specialization in partnering with board-certified plastic surgeons revolves around a shared mission – to amplify the patient experience from the very first inquiry.

Surgery scheduling with salesMD is more than just a process; it’s a precisely crafted journey that resonates with patients. As prospective patients explore your array of services and embark on the path of transformation, our meticulous design ensures that each step is seamless, purposeful, and memorable.

By reimagining these touchpoints, we transform them from mere tasks into meaningful connections. From the initial inquiry to the procedure and beyond, our process is tailored to provide an unrivaled experience.

salesMD Surgery Scheduling.

Strategies crafted with surgical precision

and pave the way for unstoppable growth.

Navigate Decision-Making

The decision to schedule a cosmetic procedure is a significant one, influenced by various factors such as considerations of cost, social discussions, or exploring other options. Our approach is tailored to accommodate these intricacies, recognizing that some patients may not make an immediate decision at the end of their consultation.

Prevent Lost Opportunities

Time is of the essence. Our surgery scheduling process prevents patients from falling through the cracks. Prospects who haven’t scheduled their plastic surgery procedure within a week are often left behind, leaving room for your competitors to gain an advantage. Our solution is focused on minimizing this gap and ensuring no potential patient goes unnoticed.

Reignite Patient Journeys

We know that a second consultation can reignite a patient’s journey, and our expertise lies in maintaining engagement in a way that traditional methods can’t achieve. Our patient-centric approach nurtures patients, gently guiding them back to your practice, and ensuring they feel valued and supported throughout their decision-making process.

Proactively retain patient interest

Our approach to sustained engagement

Taking the right steps to ensure that patients are kept in the loop is key to creating a successful patient journey. Our proactive process nurtures patients at every step of their journey to keep them engaged throughout the entire journey, while also reducing no-shows and cancellations.

Optimal Engagement

The critical window between consultation and scheduling can often be missed, leading to lost opportunity. Time restraints lead to prospects being overlooked, depriving your practice of valuable opportunities. Unlike traditional offices where leads may be phoned during short periods of downtime, our specialists are always available to reach patients at the best time.

Seize Momentum

We capitalize on the momentum gained during the consultation and maximize the likelihood of securing a booking. Our proactive method maximizes the likelihood of securing a booking while the patient’s interest is still fresh. By swiftly reaching out and offering the next steps, we aim to make the transition from consultation to procedure seamless and effortless.

Personalized Interaction

Patient care extends beyond the office. We bridge the gap between consultation and booking by staying actively engaged with the patient. Through personalized interactions, we keep the patient’s interest alive, answering questions, alleviating concerns, and providing the support they need to move forward in their plastic surgery journey with excitment and confidence.

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Stay on the radar through genuine interaction

Relationships are the foundation of quality care.

Through individualized and heartfelt interactions, we etch imprints that resonate deeply with patients and give your office staff valuable insight. Whether they’re glamming up for a life event or addressing long-standing aesthetic concerns, we use each interaction to highlight the value of your services in a way that speaks to them.

Going beyond the conventional takes the time to understand each patient’s unique journey and aspirations. By nurturing these connections, we foster an environment where patients feel valued and understood, strengthening the trust in your practice.

Guiding patients from consultations to surgical procedures requires a sense of rapport that transcends transactional encounters.


80% of sales require at least 5 touch points to close.

Capture patients when they’re ready

Undergoing cosmetic surgery requires a wide range of careful considerations – and sometimes pushing for a booking isn’t the solution.

In some cases, the path to a surgical procedure may require a second consultation. Warmly inviting the patient back for another consultation appointment reignites a patient’s interest, especially when they’ve been considering multiple surgeons or are facing indecision. Refraining from undue pressure and showing steady patience fosters rapport and hushes hesitation. Patients will appreciate the time invested into understanding their unique needs.

Our specialists reinforce your expertise and strengthen patient trust, providing an opportunity to address lingering questions, concerns, or new developments. By offering this extra layer of engagement, we ensure that patients are well-informed and empowered to make decisions that align with their goals.


Reshape your patient journey.

Deliver an exceptional experience, book more surgeries, and exemplify your quality of care with SalesMD surgery scheduling!