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No-Show Minimizer

Minimize disruptions and cultivate patients’ confidence in choosing you.

What is our no- show minimizer?

Reduce no-shows and keep an uninterrupted, booked schedule.

Practices face a significant challenge – patient retention and satisfaction. While attracting new patients is essential, retaining existing ones and ensuring they have an exceptional experience throughout their journey is equally critical.

Once a patient books a consultation or surgery, there’s always a risk of a no-show. While a common challenge in the medical field for consultations, even surgeries can be affected by last-minute changes.

Whether scheduled for consultations or surgeries, practices experiencing a high rate of no-shows or last-minute cancellations will not only see schedule disruptions but missed revenue opportunities and tarnished patient relationships.

Our solution minimizes patient no-shows by leveraging follow-ups, proactive engagement, and automated systems to keep patients connected and confident in your services.

No-Show Minimizer. salesMD appointment setting for Aesthetic practices.

Get patients excited

to come to your office.

Lower No-show Rate

Our tailored approach significantly reduces the rate of missed appointments and late cancellations. By proactively managing appointments and engaging with patients, we ensure a higher likelihood of them attending their scheduled consultations and surgeries.

Enhanced Patient Experience

We provide patients with a seamless and wonderful experience from the moment they book their appointment. From pre-care instructions to paperwork management, we go the extra mile to make sure they feel prepared, informed, and valued.

Smoother Operations

Ensuring arrivals to patient appointments reduces administrative burdens on your office staff from rescheduling and additional time for re-engagement. This results in smoother operations and fewer delays, so they can focus on capturing prospective patients.

Proactive Care. More Surgeries.

Our proven process

The patient experience extends far beyond the walls of your plastic surgery practice, encompassing every interaction and touchpoint. By proactively connecting with patients at crucial moments, we minimize no-show appointments and safeguard your revenue.

Proactive Engagement

Our proactive engagement begins the moment a patient schedules a consultation or surgery. While timely reminders for upcoming appointments and appointments are sent through various communication channels, including email, text, and phone calls, we also provide reminders during holidays or when scheduling conflicts may arise. This keeps the connection warm and supportive.

Easing Hesitation

Undergoing any medical procedure can be a nerve-wracking experience – and we’re not in the business of pushy sales. We take the time to understand their concerns and objections and use this sensitive moment to reinforce your expertise and strengthen patient trust. When prospective patients feel comfortable, they’re confident in taking the next steps in choosing you.

Preparation & Documentation

A seamless patient experience ensures all necessary paperwork and intake forms are completed before the appointment. We continuously monitor that all documents are in order, working directly with the patient if any are missing or incomplete. This proactive approach minimizes administrative delays & ensures patients are prepared for their appointments.

Reporting & Feedback

Transparency and data-driven decision-making are crucial components of our service. We provide regular reports on appointment confirmations, patient responses, and overall engagement. These reports allow your practice to track patient engagement and satisfaction, allowing for valuable insights on improving the booking process to drive further growth.


Go beyond basic reminders

We instill the confidence to choose you.

Preparing for surgery can be a nerve-wracking experience for patients. Our team steps in to ease their concerns, providing essential guidance and ensuring they understand pre-care instructions, from dietary restrictions to medication guidelines. This proactive approach through phone calls, text, and email reminders helps patients feel supported and informed, setting the stage for a smooth and successful surgical experience.

By connecting with patients on a personal level and addressing their needs beyond the basic appointment reminders, our “No-Show Minimizer” service ensures that your patients feel valued and cared for throughout their entire journey – from the first call to the actual appointment.

“I understand you’re getting married later this year, congratulations!”

Minimize no-shows & maximize revenue

Eliminate missed opportunities and focus on growth.

Active engagement not only reduces patient no-show rates but also contributes significantly to your medical practice’s revenue growth. By ensuring that more patients make their appointment times and surgeries, your practice can realize its full financial potential.

Our effective strategy optimizes your surgical schedules, ensuring a consistent flow of surgeries – free of disruption. Prioritizing patient retention by delivering exceptional patient care experiences leads to increased loyalty and ongoing revenue from repeat visits.

Our proven process maximizes every lead for a fully booked schedule.

 Transform leads into surgeries

Never miss another opportunity. Our contact center is here to capture leads at prime time and nurture your patient relationships, so you can focus on what you do best – shaping patients’ lives.

Let us do the heavy lifting and discover the first step in our industry-leading sales process!


Cancel cancellations and no-shows.

Give patients the confidence to choose you and get started with our No-show Minimizer today!