Appointment Setting for

Aesthetic Injectors

Rise above as a solo aesthetic injector with patient nurturing and booking support.

Streamline your practice & reclaim your time.

You need time for yourself, so you can be at your best.

Are you a solo aesthetic injector overwhelmed with managing appointments and balancing the demands of running your practice? Our tailored appointment-setting service is designed to alleviate scheduling burdens, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional care for your patients.

Transitioning from a practice with a front desk to a solo setup can overwhelm even the most dedicated aesthetic injectors. As a provider, your dedication to patient care often leads to sacrificing personal time and boundaries. You find yourself working extended hours, juggling appointments, and feeling the weight of patient demands, impacting your mental health and overall well-being.

Our service aims to relieve the burdens weighing on solo providers, starting with the reclamation of time. By entrusting us with all appointment inquiries and administrative tasks, we grant you the freedom to refocus on your practice’s core aspects.


Tailor Your Time

& refine your practice

Reclaim Your Time

By taking charge of appointment scheduling, inquiries, and managing the backend logistics, we free up a substantial portion of your day. This invaluable time is then yours to redirect toward refining your aesthetic treatments, enhancing patient experiences, and nurturing your personal life outside of being a medical professional.

Boundaries and Stress Reduction

Managing patient interactions can blur the lines between professional commitments and personal boundaries. We act as a shield, handling patient inquiries and interactions on your behalf. This empowers you to set clear, necessary boundaries while ensuring a harmonious patient-provider relationship. By alleviating the pressure of continuous patient communication, you can reduce stress levels significantly.

Increased Revenue

Streamlining your appointment process is directly correlated with maximizing your earning potential. Our meticulous appointment management ensures that your schedule remains consistently booked. By efficiently managing bookings, minimizing no-shows, and swiftly filling cancellations, we allow you to focus on delivering outstanding cosmetic treatments and growing your practice while we handle the administrative complexities.

Here’s how we do it

Our proven method frees you to focus on crafting transformations with aesthetic injections while reclaiming precious time for your personal life.

Tailored and Immediate Engagement

When potential clients contact us, we initiate instant, personalized communication via text messages. This initial contact aims to initiate meaningful conversations, setting the groundwork for lasting relationships. From the first point of contact through treatments and subsequent appointments, we ensure patients feel genuinely valued and cared for at every step of their journey.

Seamless Integration into Your Workflow

With an automated process and call scheduling software we seamlessly integrate with your booking platform, enabling us to efficiently schedule appointments at the most opportune times. Real-time updates are shared with your medical spa management software, ensuring you stay updated and informed without disruptions to your established workflow.

Personalized Insights for
Enhanced Care

Our team of experts provides valuable patient insights to you, ensuring that every patient interaction is enriched with a deep level of personalization and understanding. This personalized approach creates a lasting impression, fostering enduring connections with prospective, current, and past patients. We give you the power to deepen patient relationships and foster loyalty.

Cultivating Lasting Patient Relationships

From timely appointment reminders to follow-ups with potential patients who haven’t been scheduled after initial consultations, we are dedicated to nurturing strong and enduring relationships with every single person who engages with your practice. Our steadfast commitment is to maintain a warm connection, ensuring patients feel continuously cared for and appreciated.

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Improve your work-life balance & reduce stress

World-class care begins with caring for yourself first.

Our primary goal at salesMD is to assist you in achieving a healthier work-life balance. By taking charge of the intricate administrative sides of your practice, we aim to give you the freedom to enjoy personal time outside of cosmetic injections and other professional commitments.

This freedom is instrumental in fostering a more balanced lifestyle, enabling you to partake in activities that rejuvenate and recharge you. With a more balanced approach to work and personal life, you’ll experience increased fulfillment and overall happiness.

With the weight of administrative complexities lifted off your shoulders, you gain the mental space to prioritize your health, reducing stress levels and mitigating the risk of burnout that often plagues healthcare professionals.

Focused patient engagement

With the time and energy reclaimed through our services, you can engage with your patients more meaningfully and effectively during their appointments. By alleviating the distraction of administrative tasks, you can offer undivided attention, actively listen to their concerns, and provide comprehensive explanations and guidance beyond your injectable treatments.

Your newfound focused engagement will not only enhance their overall experience but also cultivate a sense of trust and loyalty towards your practice, encouraging repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Expand Your Clientele with Lead Generation

Elevate your presence in the aesthetic industry

Rising as a solo practitioner of aesthetic medicine can be challenging in a saturated market of med spas and plastic surgeons.

Beyond appointment management, our expertise extends to elevating your practice’s visibility through our strategic lead generation services tailored for aesthetic injectors.


Sculpt your success & skyrocket sales.

Unleash your full potential and let us take your calls today.