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How do you train your patient booking specialists?

Training in Aesthetic/Plastic Surgery/Wellness Procedures:

Our patient booking specialists undergo thorough rigorous training in aesthetic, plastic surgery, and wellness procedures. Many of our team members come from backgrounds within the industry, bringing valuable experience from working in practices and providing exceptional customer/patient service. Additionally, our Pod Leaders possess extensive knowledge and experience in various treatments, surgeries, and procedures, enabling them to effectively coach and mentor their teams.

Ethical Selling & Communication Skills

Our team receives specialized training in ethical selling and communication skills, led by Chris, a renowned sales trainer with a track record of success. Having trained sales professionals from leading companies such as Google, Adobe, and Sony Pictures, Chris brings invaluable expertise to the aesthetic medicine space. His ethical sales training program for a plastic surgery practice resulted in a significant increase of $1 million in incremental revenue in less than 6 months.

It’s important to note that while our team is knowledgeable about treatments and procedures, we are not medical professionals. We can provide information about various treatments and their benefits, but we never make medical recommendations. Instead, we guide patients towards booking a consultation where they can discuss their specific needs and concerns with a qualified medical professional. Our training programs aim to ensure that our team members are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional service and support to our clients and patients.

What is your understanding of the aesthetics and wellness industry?

As leaders in the aesthetic space, our expertise encompasses various aspects, including medical aesthetics, plastic surgery, wellness procedures, and related fields. We stay abreast of industry trends, advancements in treatments and technologies, and evolving consumer preferences.

This deep understanding allows us to provide tailored solutions and support to practices within the aesthetics and wellness space, ensuring effective representation and engagement with patients.

How Does salesMD familiarize with my practice and team?

Our approach begins with a deep dive into your practice and offerings. We start by thoroughly exploring your website to familiarize ourselves with your portfolio. Additionally, we schedule an onboarding call to gain insights into your practice, your team, and what sets you apart from competitors. During this call, we focus on understanding your unique value proposition and how we can effectively represent you.

By taking the time to understand your practice and industry nuances, we ensure that our approach is tailored to your specific needs and objectives. This personalized approach allows us to represent you accurately, ultimately driving success for your practice.

Do you use scripts for phone calls?

No, we do not believe in using scripts for patient interactions. Scripts often make individuals sound robotic and disengaged, which can hinder authentic communication. Our approach is centered around authenticity, engagement, and genuine interest in each patient’s unique needs and concerns.

Based on over 15 years of experience in sales training, we have never advocated for scripted interactions. Instead, we provide a methodology and structured framework for our patient booking specialists to effectively handle calls. This framework empowers our team to engage with patients in a personalized manner, ensuring meaningful conversations and connections.

Picture this: A new patient walks into your practice for a consultation, and the provider warmly greets them with a heartfelt, “Congratulations on your son’s wedding later this year.” This simple gesture sets you apart from the rest. Why? Because we’ve identified their emotional driver and moved beyond a transactional relationship, forming a connection that builds patient loyalty and trust.

How do you present yourself to my leads and patients?

We take great care in presenting ourselves to your leads and patients as an extension of your practice, prioritizing professionalism, and a patient-centric approach. When we engage with your leads and patients, we represent your practice in a manner that aligns with your values as if we were in the office with you.

How many times do you call a lead?

Our goal is to strike a balance between persistence and respect for the lead’s timeline.

We employ a structured cadence of communication tailored to maximize engagement while respecting the preferences of our leads. Our approach is informed by years of experience in the field.

Initially, we initiate a series of calls, texts, and voicemails over several days to establish contact. However, we understand the importance of not overwhelming leads, so we may opt not to leave a voicemail or text during certain attempts to avoid appearing intrusive. 

As time progresses, we adjust the frequency of our outreach, reducing the number of calls while maintaining periodic contact. If we receive no response after approximately 10 days, we temporarily place the lead on hold. Nevertheless, we continue to periodically reach out, recognizing that various factors may contribute to a delay in their readiness to engage.

Do you follow up with emails?

We use a variety of channels to engage with leads effectively, including email. Our primary mode of outreach, however, are personalized phone calls, strategically timed voicemails, and text messaging, ensuring a multi-dimensional approach to communication.

Additionally, for our Enterprise B2B clients, we often incorporate email outreach into the mix. This allows us to tailor our approach to the specific needs and preferences of each client, maximizing the effectiveness of our communication strategy.

How was salesMD founded?

salesMD originated in the UK as a corporate sales training company led by Chris, who worked with esteemed clients such as Google, BMW, Sony Pictures, and Adobe. The pivotal moment came during a business conference in San Diego when a request for a sales training program for a plastic surgery practice sparked the inception of salesMD.

Initially, salesMD focused on providing sales and consultation training for various stakeholders in the medical industry, including med spas, plastic surgeons, front desk staff, patient care coordinators (PCCs), medical assistants (MAs), nurses, and providers. Our emphasis on ethical selling principles ensures that treatments are recommended only when they are medically suitable for the patient.

Recognizing the challenges faced by front desk staff in effectively following up with leads, we shifted our focus to address this critical aspect of practice management. Front desk staff are often burdened with multiple responsibilities, including checking patients in and out, answering calls, and handling administrative tasks. We observed a common issue where front desk staff would attempt to follow up with leads but face challenges reaching them, leading to missed opportunities.

To address this gap, salesMD has evolved over the years to specialize in professional lead management and booking services for medical practices. By leveraging our expertise and dedicated approach, we assist practices in efficiently managing leads and scheduling consultations, procedures, and surgeries, ultimately enhancing practice efficiency and patient engagement.

Where are your operators based, and what is their English proficiency?

Our patient booking specialists are strictly based in the US. We prioritize hiring individuals who undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure they possess the necessary skills and qualities to best represent your practice. This includes proficiency in English, trustworthiness, and personable demeanors.

Rest assured, our team is comprised of experts who excel in communication and provide exceptional service to your patients.

How familiar is salesMD with EMR systems?

We have extensive experience with most Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems commonly used in medical practices. However, as part of our thorough onboarding process, we take the time to understand your specific EMR implementation. This includes gaining insights into how you prefer data to be collected, booking procedures, and any unique aspects of how your practice operates.

By aligning our practices with yours, we ensure seamless integration and effective use of your EMR system to support our services.

How Do I Communicate New Ad Campaigns and Marketing Objectives to salesMD?

Our process begins with an onboarding meeting, where we gain an understanding of your practice and its needs. During this meeting, we will discuss the ad campaigns currently running in your practice so that we can effectively represent them to potential patients when we engage leads.

Furthermore, as your practice evolves and you launch new ad campaigns or make changes to existing ones, we encourage open communication. You can always schedule a call with us to bring our team up to speed on any updates or additions to your ad campaigns.

By staying informed, we ensure that our approach remains aligned with your marketing efforts, maximizing the impact of our lead engagement strategies.

Does salesMD make follow-up calls after consultations and procedures?

Yes, we do. At salesMD, our commitment to patient care extends beyond the initial consultation and even the procedure.

After a patient undergoes a consultation or procedure at your office, we can facilitate follow-up calls to ensure their post-procedure experience meets expectations. These follow-up calls allow us to address any post-procedure concerns, provide additional guidance or information as needed, and ensure a positive overall experience for the patient.

Our goal is to support ongoing patient satisfaction and engagement throughout their journey with your practice.

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