Boost Referral Program from salesMD

BOOST your Extra Minutes!

Share the success and get rewarded with our referral program.

We value your trust and love having you as a client! You know us better than anyone else and your referrals reflect the confidence you have in our service quality, relationship, and how we strive to represent you.

Our BOOST referral program is our way of saying thank you for referring other practices to our contact center services.

When your referral signs up with salesMD, you’ll earn BOOST minutes that can be applied to your account, helping you offset extra minutes and ultimately save on costs!

Here’s How Your BOOST Minutes work:

  • For each referral that signs up, you will receive a one-time 20% bonus of the base minutes of their monthly plan.
  • Your BOOST minutes will be applied to the next billing cycle and will be applied to extra minutes you have used.
  • BOOST minutes are automatically applied to your next billing cycle and are clearly displayed on your emailed receipt.
  • BOOST minutes don’t have an expiration date and remain on your account until they are utilized.
  • Please note that to use BOOST minutes, your account must be currently active, and they can only be applied to extra minutes, not the base plan.
  • One (1) BOOST minute equals one (1) extra minute.