Keeping your schedule booked has never been this easy!

We turn leads into booked consultations & procedures for unstoppable growth.

Unlock the power of salesMD to effortlessly transform leads into appointments and consultations, ensuring your schedule remains full and your business thrives.

With our dedicated call center staffed by experts versed in aesthetics, we seamlessly embody the roles of your front desk and patient care coordinator.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and reclaim precious time for what truly ignites your passion!.


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We do the heavy lifting – while you focus on patients.

More patients, made easy.

Be free to focus on delivering exceptional results while we deliver a steady stream of patients. Our partnership lets you excel at your craft in creating remarkable transformations – uninterrupted.


past, current, and prospective patients to build trust, and cultivate lasting relationships that drive long-term growth and satisfaction.


the patient journey by streamlining each point of contact. From first call to post-procedure follow-up we ensure a smooth experience.


your reputation through proactive reputation management and nurturing follow-ups to drive patient advocacy and organic growth.


revenue and skyrocket growth with strategic sales and marketing initiatives that ignite conversions and elevate your market position.

Growth starts with enhancing the
patient experience.

Powering sales with our proven salesMD formula.

4 steps to soaring sales


Leads arrive directly into our proprietary system allowing instant outreach to your patient.


We represent your practice and call the patient, acting as a hybrid of front desk and PCC.


Our team books the consult, or schedules their procedure if they’ve had one already.


Our unique No Show Minimizer process ensures we drive down ghosted appointments.

Every lead matters.

Achieving your business goals has never been easier. From lead generation to patient bookings, at salesMD we implement successful strategies that put your practice above the rest – with an irresistible ROI.

appointment setting

Consultation Booking

We book appointments during and after hours of operation so you can focus on giving the highest quality of care in-office.

lead nurturing

Surgery Scheduling

We build a genuine relationship with inquiring patients to re-engage and retain loyalty and interest when the timing is right for them.

appointment setting

Appointment Setting

We book appointments during and after hours of operation so you can focus on giving the highest quality of care in-office.

lead nurturing

Lead Generation

Skip the line in search queries and directly target your audience through pay-per-click advertising on Google and other platforms.


Leads to Consultations

I phone our leads every Wednesday afternoon”

“They didn’t answer so I left a voicemail, I won’t have time to call again”

– most practices we speak to.

Leads are your lifeblood. How effectively you manage these leads determines the success of your practice.

Front desks excel at patient interactions in the practice, checking patients in and out – a busy job that unfortunately suspends their availability.

Our US-based team captures leads at their prime when they’re most receptive, ensuring no patient slips through the cracks.

Powering sales with our proven formula.

Consultations to Surgeries

In-office Patient Care Coordinators live in the moment – we meet patients where they’re at. Patients who haven’t scheduled their procedure within a week are frequently left behind, leaving a distance for your competitors to gap.

A second consultation is often the key to reigniting their journey and we maintain engagement in a way PCC cannot. Our patient-centric approach nurtures patients and gently guides them back to the fold, keeping them “warm” until they’re ready to choose you.

Our team – your best representation.

Building relationships as you.

We redefine the appointment booking process and get patients ready to choose you. Our team doesn’t simply book appointments – we initiate a meaningful patient relationship. This approach begins with thoughtful questions, paving the way for progressive patient engagement.

By kickstarting this connection, we minimize no-shows while cultivating a stronger rapport with each patient. Your Patient Care Coordinators are empowered with actionable insights for accelerated relationship building.

Ensure patients show up – excited.

No-Show Minimizer

After appointments are scheduled, EMRs dispatch automated reminders to patients. Our strategy complements this by extending additional outreach, effectively minimizing the no-show rate.

SalesMD’s distinct method guarantees that your practice remains in patients’ thoughts, while we take proactive steps to guide their engagement throughout the process.

Med spa Appointment Booking.

Deliver a stellar patient experience from the first phone call.

Eliminate the burdens of lead management with our patient-centric professionals who redefine the booking process for your med spa. We’re the extension of your practice, forging lasting patient relationships that allow you to focus on delivering top-notch in-office care.

Our swift response to leads ensures that you not only enhance your conversion rates but also instill a sense of trust and confidence in prospective patients when they choose your med spa for their needs.

With us by your side, you’re free to provide exceptional care without administrative worries.



Sculpt your success & skyrocket sales.

Unleash your full potential and let salesMD take your calls today.