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Consultation Booking

Engage leads at their prime and never miss a moment of opportunity again.

Why delegate consultation booking?

We transform leads into consultations while you transform patients’ lives.

Leads are the heartbeat of your practice, and keeping a pulse on prospective patients is essential. Beyond the number of calls and inquiries, mastering their management is pivotal to your success. While your front desks and patient care coordinators excel at in-practice patient interactions, their busy roles often limit their availability for proactive lead engagement.

Between the first call and the initial consultation offers a moment of anticipation and opportunity– crucial in capturing leads and converting them into actual patients. Missing the mark in this sliver of time leads to missed opportunities and patient attrition.

We recognize that this delicate window is where the magic happens – and build the bridge between curiosity and commitment. From plastic surgeons achieving unprecedented raises in revenue to building new med spas, our satisfied clients share their stories of success and the role SalesMD played in shaping their journey.


Maximize each opportunity

and pave the way for unstoppable growth.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Engaging leads when they’re most receptive is the key to unlocking conversion potential. Our method transforms curious inquiries into enthusiastic consultations, setting the stage for lasting patient relationships before they even step foot into your doors.

We’ve mastered this art, ensuring no opportunity for connection and conversion to slip through the cracks.

Empower Your Team

By entrusting surgical consultation booking to our experts, your front desks and patient coordinators can focus on providing exceptional in-person care. This synergy ensures that every patient receives the attention they deserve at every stage of their journey.

Streamlined Efficiency

Our approach optimizes your operations, allowing your team to shine where their expertise lies while we excel in converting leads into loyal patients. With our streamlined consultation booking process, potential errors are eliminated and ensures leads are engaged quickly without compromising quality.

Predictable and Reliable Success.

Here’s how we do it

When a lead enters our radar, we’ve honed a dynamic process that ensures swift, personalized engagement. Within mere minutes, a tailored text message is dispatched, initiating a conversation that’s designed to put patients at ease right from the start.

Instant Personalized Outreach

As soon as a lead reaches us, our responsive system sends a tailored text, initiating a reassuring conversation that sets the stage for a positive experience. From the initial call to the cosmetic consultation and follow-up appointments, the patient feels valued and cared for.

Seamless Integration

Our automated process seamlessly integrates with our call management software, connecting patients with our Patient Booking Specialist (PBS) ready to provide expert care. This unique role merges the functions of appointment booking and understanding patient needs.

Expertise in Action

The PBS then passes the insights to your Patient Care Coordinator (PCC), ensuring that every patient interaction is enriched with personalized understanding – a difference that leaves a lasting impression & builds lasting connections with prospective, current, & past patients.

Relationship Building

We recognize that each cosmetic surgery consultation is a pivotal moment for patients searching for prospective plastic surgeons. Our approach, powered by empathy and technology, goes beyond booking to make patients feel heard, setting the stage for a transformative journey.


Set the stage for lasting connections

Loyal patients who proudly advocate for your practice and feel empowered by you.

Gaining deeper insights from patients isn’t just about information; it’s a demonstration of genuine interest. This distinction sets us apart from the traditional front desk, whose role typically ends with booking consultations.

By investing in understanding our patients, we transform a routine transaction into a meaningful connection. It’s this attentive approach that paves the way for exceptional patient experiences and sets the tone for a relationship that goes beyond the initial consultation.

Leave a memorable impression at every point of contact.

“What brings you in today?”
“I understand you’re getting married later this year, congratulations!”

Enhance the patient experience

Make choosing you easy 

Deciding on board-certified plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery is hard and creating an effortless experience for patients is the best way to show care.

From booking an in-person or virtual consultation to exploring treatment options and appointment times that work, it can be stressful. Our specialists give your patient the comfort to make confident, informed decisions.

We streamline plastic surgery consultation booking and nurture leads with the care they need to take action and choose you.


Enjoy uninterrupted excellence

Focus on your craft

Leave behind the burdens of patient booking and lead conversion as you immerse yourself in your true passion – shaping patients’ lives.
With us at your side, you can cast aside concerns about admin tasks and entrust our expert team to handle consultation booking and lead engagement seamlessly.

Crafting stunning transformations through surgical procedures – while we handle the rest with precision.

Discover the next step to keeping a booked schedule.

Fast-track consultations to surgeries

When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from our automated systems and personalized approach that ensures patients feel valued and heard. Our impeccable process keeps leads on track to book consultations that lead to procedures – and eliminate opportunities for competitors.

Shorten the window between consultation bookings to surgeries and keep your schedule booked with happy patients.


Sculpt your success & skyrocket sales.

Unleash your full potential and let us take your calls today.