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Get actionable guidance and transform your sales process for skyrocketed revenue and sustainable growth.

Why choose sales consulting?

Transformative guidance

The art of selling goes beyond a transaction; it’s about building lasting relationships and driving revenue growth. salesMD Sales Consulting services are tailored to empower your team with proven strategies, personalized guidance, and actionable insights that can take your plastic surgery practice to new heights.

In the highly competitive field of medical aesthetics, sales excellence is a non-negotiable factor for success. Our Sales Consulting services focus on refining your internal process, team’s selling techniques, enhancing communication skills, and honing your ability to connect with potential patients.

We understand that selling medical services requires a delicate balance between offering valuable treatments and understanding patients’ needs and concerns.


Skyrocket your sales

with valuable insight and guidance.

Strategic, Actionable Insights

The aesthetics industry is constantly evolving, and staying ahead requires a deep understanding of market trends and competitive landscape. Our sales consulting offers you valuable industry-specific insights, uncovering untapped growth opportunities and positioning your practice as a leader in the field. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions that contribute to long-term success.

Tailored Transformation

Every practice is unique, facing its own set of challenges and goals. With a tailored approach, we address the specific needs of your practice with a transformation plan that not only addresses existing issues but also aligns with your values and patient-centered approach. We set a positive transformation in motion, driving revenue growth, and delivering exceptional patient satisfaction.

Enhanced Revenue Generation

Beyond creating positive experiences for patients, our specialized sales consulting accelerates your practice’s growth with proven strategies to effectively close sales, streamline internal operations, and increase patient conversions. By optimizing your sales process, you’ll experience a significant boost in revenue, helping your practice achieve its financial goals.

Expert guidance, proven method.

Unleash your full potential

Taking the right steps to ensure that patients are kept in the loop is key to creating a successful patient journey. Our proactive process nurtures patients at every step of their journey to keep them engaged throughout the entire journey, while also reducing no-shows and cancellations.

In-Depth Interviews

We kickstart our sales consulting process by engaging in thorough conversations with key stakeholders – physicians, leadership teams, staff, and customers. This insight-rich phase helps us understand your practice’s operations, financial goals, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). By aligning your practice’s aspirations with its current state, we lay the foundation for informed strategies.

Analyzing Conversion Data

Data drives growth. Our next step involves a meticulous review of available data and its application. Finding existing KPIs and reviewing your data collection processes ensures the accuracy and reliability of the insights. This data-driven exploration helps us gauge your practice’s performance, guiding us in crafting impactful strategies.

Mystery Shopping Insights

To truly understand patient interactions, we conduct mystery shopping calls and even ‘patient’ visits to your practice. This hands-on approach reveals how your team engages with potential new patients. By experiencing real-life scenarios, we gain valuable insights beyond assumptions, and these ongoing evaluations continue to inform our strategies throughout the consulting journey.

Crafting the Business VMOST

Our sales consulting takes a comprehensive turn as we assist you in creating a powerful VMOST framework. This encapsulates your Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy, and Tactics. Through this exercise, we delve into your practice’s values, culture, ideal patient profiles, and brand identity. This holistic perspective lays the groundwork for strategic alignment and transformation.


The best investment is in understanding your customers’ needs, not just selling procedures.


Develop your transformational blueprint

Pave a clear road to success and rise above your revenue goals.

Armed with the insights gathered, we curate a transformational plan to amplify your strengths and turn challenges into triumphs. This plan is centered on addressing highlighted issues while safeguarding current revenues. Our focus remains on leading your team through a transformative journey that prioritizes revenue growth while ensuring an exceptional patient experience.

This roadmap, encompassing key activities and milestones, guides the practice toward increased success.

Actionable insights, strategic Execution

We don’t just tell you what to do – we show you how it’s done.

Navigating the waters of behavioral change among team members can sometimes create difficulty in your initiatives, affecting immediate and future outcomes. We’re at your side coaching through apprehensions and ensuring your practice surges ahead to achieve remarkable results in attracting prospective patients and maintaining a stellar reputation as a plastic surgeon.

Distinct from conventional sales consultants who hand off a blueprint and exit the scene, salesMD doesn’t just guide your transformation, we roll up our sleeves to propel it forward.

Fortify your sales process with hands-on guidance.

Sales training and coaching

Excellent customer service is essential at each point of contact. Level up your clinical staff and give them the sales experience to confidently navigate patient interactions. Our experienced trainers and coaches offer customized training programs to enhance their understanding of sales fundamentals, teach them the art of selling, and equip them with a range of essential techniques.

From upselling plastic surgery services to leveraging follow-up calls, we streamline the patient pipeline and ensure your practice upholds consistent excellence.


See the change you’ve been waiting for.

Set your practice on the road to sustainable growth and success with our plastic surgery sales consulting today!

More Questions?

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What is sales consulting for plastic surgeons?

Sales Consulting for Plastic Surgeons is a specialized service aimed at helping plastic surgery practices enhance their sales strategies, patient interactions, and revenue growth. A plastic surgery sales consultant provides expert guidance, analysis, and customized solutions to optimize the practice’s sales processes and achieve business objectives.

Why do plastic surgeons need sales consulting?

In the competitive field of plastic surgery, effective sales strategies are crucial for attracting patients, increasing conversions, and growing revenue. Sales consulting offers tailored insights and actionable recommendations to refine your practice’s sales approach, ultimately leading to improved patient relationships and financial success.

Additionally, proper sales training will complement your plastic surgery marketing efforts to further drive results, growth, and revenue.

How can sales consulting benefit my plastic surgery practice?

Sales consulting can benefit your plastic surgery practice by providing a fresh perspective on your sales processes, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategic changes to enhance patient interactions and increase revenue. It offers guidance on objection handling, communication techniques, and overall sales effectiveness.

From patient inquiries to post-treatment consultations and follow-ups, we guide your medical practice to maximize each interaction to go beyond your sales targets.

What sets salesMD's sales consulting apart from other consulting firms?

salesMD’s consulting is uniquely tailored to the plastic surgery industry, combining expertise in both medical aesthetics and effective sales strategies. Our approach focuses on ethical sales practices, patient-centered interactions, and effective communication that aligns with the values of your practice.

Is sales consulting suitable for practices of all sizes?

Yes, sales consulting is beneficial for plastic surgery clinical practices of all sizes, whether you’re a smaller practitioner or a larger clinic. Our sales consulting process nurtures growth and elevates your success.

Regardless of your practice size, our sales consulting process is crafted to enhance your performance and find areas of improvement. With a focus on strong listening skills, exceptional interpersonal skills, and excellent follow-up techniques, we are here to amplify your practice’s sales capabilities and drive results.

Our services are designed to be customizable and adaptable to the specific needs and goals of your practice, ensuring that you receive relevant guidance and solutions.

Is sales consulting focused solely on revenue generation?

While revenue generation is a key aspect of sales consulting, it’s not the only focus. Sales consulting also aims to enhance patient relationships, improve communication, and create a more streamlined and effective sales process that benefits both the practice and its patients.

How long does the sales consulting engagement last?

The duration of a sales consulting engagement can vary based on the complexity of the practice’s needs and the scope of the recommendations. We work closely with your practice to create a timeline that aligns with your goals and allows sufficient time for implementation and results.

How can I get started with sales consulting for my plastic surgery practice?

Getting started is easy! Schedule an appointment with us and our team will connect with you to discuss your practice’s goals and challenges to create a customized plan that perfects your sales strategies and drives success.