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An effective sales strategy is the foundation for revenue growth, and ultimately, the success of a medical practice. To remain competitive in the saturated aesthetic and wellness industries, it’s critical to have an up-to-date sales strategy that includes all aspects of your business: marketing, operations, finance, and more.

The goal of our sales consulting services is to give you a solid understanding of how to create a successful strategy that will help you achieve your goals as a practice. This covers everything from setting the expectations to developing a plan for achieving them. We will also implement the required changes with you, so you achieve the expected results.

At SalesMD, we’ve created a unique approach for success in the plastic surgery, medical spa and wellness industry. We will help you succeed in this fast-paced market through our extensive business experience, pulling on experience from within the industry and best practice across multiple industries. Beginning by performing an in-depth audit of your sales processes across the practice, needed areas of improvement are identified to make the necessary recommendations. In addition, we will implement those changes through the existing management team.

We are committed to helping you grow your business and become a leader in your field by maximizing sales effectiveness in your practice. Our proven sales consulting methodology has helped practices like yours reach new heights.

Interviews with Physicians, Leadership Team, Staff, and Customers

To start our sales consulting, we will have conversations with the various members of the team to understand how the practice is being run and operated. We will discuss financial goals and Key Performance Indicators, KPIs, and see how these compare with the goals of the practice. In our initial understanding and assessment, we want to gain as much insight as we can. If possible, it would be good to garner the views and opinions of recent customers and their experiences.

Review the Conversion Data

Data is a critical element to growing the practice. Determining what data is available and how it is used will be an important element to understand the practice’s performance, and how we measure the successes going forward.

We need to ascertain what Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are currently in place and how the data is collected, to ensure validity. Understanding the review process and how we make decisions and business changes based on the data will be important in setting the practice on a path to greater success.

Where KPI’s are missing, it will be important to establish them quickly, and measure against them, allowing us to effectively manage the practice going forward.


Mystery Shopping Phone Calls

Mystery shopping phone calls (and even real ‘patient’ visits) into the practice will ascertain how the team handles potential new patients. It provides great insight and allows us to experience a reality, which in itself can provide value against a backdrop of what is thought to be happening. Mystery shopping calls will occur throughout the entire sales consulting engagement to determine how the team is developing.

Create a Business (Practice) VMOST

Developing a VMOST during sales consulting is a great way to summarize the practice by considering the Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics. As part of this exercise, we will determine the values of the practice, the culture you have or want, your ideal patients and ultimately the brand-identity.

Develop a Transformational Plan

Based on our findings, we will develop a comprehensive transition plan. The focus, based on the business priorities, will be to correct the issues highlighted. At the same time, we need to maintain the current revenues taking the team on a transformational journey. The transition plan is the roadmap and will consider all the factors, required activities and milestones to move from A to B, to ensure the practice is running with a focus on increasing revenue whilst delivering a superb patient experience.

Implement the Transformational Plan

Unlike many sales consulting companies that provide a report, a plan, then leave the hard work of implementing the plan to you, SalesMD will remain involved to support and drive the transformation across the practice.

Behavioral change by team members, is often a factor that slows the adoption of most change plans, and ultimately will impact the short- and medium-term results. We deploy all our expertise, to minimize this impact, and as required, will coach people through their fears, so the practice achieves the results.