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Medical Practice SEO with SalesMD

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to increase your discoverability on search engines by optimizing the content on your website for indexing done by search engines like Google. This process ranks and audits the keywords, content, and structure of your website for the order it will be shown when users are searching for terms relevant to your website.

Up to 92% of web traffic goes to the first page of results.

SEO helps push your medical practice to the first page of search results, giving you authority in acquiring prospective patients as a result of higher quality incoming traffic. As technology continues to progress, digital marketing strategies have become increasingly complex. In addition to people, businesses need to market towards search engines in order to make an appearance during organic search.

SEO increases organic traffic and generates leads

With an effective SEO strategy, potential patients making a search query related to your medical practice such as “Botox” will be able to discover your website on the first results of Google, driving organic traffic. The more organic traffic you receive, the higher your conversion rate will be. 

Patients are now using online resources twice as much as referrals.

With Google’s algorithm changing 500-600 times a year, having a solid website and continuous search engine optimization is crucial for landing your business in search results and maintaining online presence. Driving diverse content with inbound marketing on your website is a highly effective practice that is necessary to increase your visibility on major search engines. 

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Benefits of SEO for Aesthetic and Medical Practices


High-quality leads

Because it allows you to target a specific group of patients who are interested in your health services, SEO generates high-quality lead generation. When patients search for particular medical services, the relevant pages from your websites will appear in search engine result pages, increasing the probability of prospects converting into patients.


Brand awareness

Your practice’ website’s links won’t necessarily be clicked every time they appear on the top pages of the search engine results page, however, consistently being seen on results still serves brand awareness from consistent exposure.



SEO ranking builds your authority and reputation as a medical practice. As the number of patients visiting your site increases, Google recognizes you as a trustworthy source and increases your search ranking among other practices.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing describes any type of marketing that brings customers to your medical practice or service. Inbound marketing focuses on attracting potential patients through quality content and other online activities.

The most common form of inbound marketing is Content marketing. This involves creating valuable free resources for consumers in exchange for their attention. These can include blog posts, case studies, eBooks, white papers, infographics, webinars, videos, and more. Diversifying your range of content increases your search visibility and offers answers to relevant topics and questions a patient searches. The goal of inbound marketing is to attract new patients rather than sell products and services directly to them.

We create engaging content that captures the attention of prospective patients and establishes you as the leader in your industry, building trust and reputation when discovered in relevant searches.

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Google Business

Our team manages your Google My Business to optimize your listing. With photos, descriptions, and location information about your practice, we can maximize your online visibility on the search engine and help potential patients find you easily when they search for your practice name in Google Maps.

Leveraging your Google My Business page further boosts visibility with all the vital information a patient needs to book an appointment and visit your website. This further confirms that you are a legitimate practice while providing social proof such as online reviews in one convenient location.