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Take your patient and customer experience to the next level with live chat agents available to immediately answer questions about booking, services, and business operations 24/7.

The Live Chat feature is a great way for patients and customers to get answers to their questions without having to call or email an agent.

Providing immediate access to important information and help to your patients, through a chat session delivers many key benefits:

Gain a competitive Advantage

Boost customer engagement with real-time support.

Capture the attention and engage your patients in the highly saturated medical and aesthetic industry, right as they land on your website.

By offering live chat as part of your site, you give visitors the opportunity to contact you at any time—even when you aren’t open for business. This gives them the impression that you are always there to assist them.

Live chat provides instant gratification– patients don’t have to wait for a response from a sales rep or a call center agent. They can see how quickly you respond to their inquiries, and because they’re talking directly to a real person, they can ask follow-up questions and even request additional assistance if necessary.

Live chat builds trust and rapport between you and your customers by showing them that your practice cares about them and their needs, right as they land on your website.

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Highly trained representatives

We have a USA based team and believe in real interactions.
No chat bots or cheap labor.

We are in a people business. It’s about making people feel good and we know that starts with the very first interaction. That’s why we use real people to have real conversations. No scripts. no chatbots.

Our team of chat agents are USA-based and highly trained in all aspects of sales and customer service. We are dedicated to providing excellent service to your patients as we represent and uphold the reputation and values of your practice.

Streamline the Patient Experience

Our live chat agents have medical experience and are trained
to sell ethically.

The team are trained to have sensitive conversations and understand undergoing a medical treatment can be an emotional process. We influence the conversation and understand the emotional drivers, setting you up for the consultation.

We believe the patient experience begins the moment your practice is discovered. Allowing patients to reach out on their own convenience regardless of time boosts customer satisfaction and increases bookings. With live chat, you can provide your patients with immediate access to helpful resources and ensure they receive the best possible treatment.

With instant feedback, our chat providers are able to build personal connections with patients as from the moment they’re introduced to your business and set you up for a successful consultation. 

With our omnichannel approach, patients choose their preferred way of contact with your practice, ensuring maximum leads and conversions.

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Appointment Setting

Seamlessly book patients at any time, directly on your website.

Live chat allows you to capture leads and convert more online bookings by giving potential clients the ability to reach out to you at the peak of their interest. Our agents provide support to patients by answering common questions, influencing their buying decision, and booking consultations.

If a patient decides not to progress with treatment after their consultation, we nurture that relationship when appropriate and bring them back into the practice when the time is right, striving to always provide a positive experience through genuine interactions.