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Chris Stock, Keynote Speaker

Chris Stock

Chris Stock – Visionary Keynote Speaker

You have a vision. You know what your goals are. How do you get there and achieve the success you desire?

Chris Stock brings years of knowledge and experience, working among the biggest names in business, including Google and IMB, revolutionizing what sales is.

With his entrepreneurial spirit now running a medical marketing agency, he’s shined light on others as a motivational speaker across six different continents, revealing how to do it, not just why.

Inspire Your Passion

Our starting point is the patient and thinking about it from their point of view, what’s important to them, and how they feel during the consultation process. In addition to the patient experience, we pull in our expertise of why and how people buy, and the emotional side of their journey. The other viewpoint is the staff themselves. Defining processes, creating play books and other assets are important to drive consistency and continuity, though we are mindful people should bring their personalities and authenticity to every patient interaction.

Experience real impact

Chris doesn’t just speak business. He builds a connection and resonates with his audience, igniting the first few sparks of action as the keynote presentation ends. Listening and living through his dynamic experiences demystifies the steps to success for an unrivaled impact. It’s not about money, status, or power, but the ability to make your mark on the world by feeding what fuels you. No false promises or quick fixes. The real key to success is to change how you perceive the world around you to prosper in any environment you’re in, allowing you to pave your own unique road to reaching your dreams.

As you step outside the auditorium, your goals will be clearly defined; you will know your next steps and experience your new awakening.

Rise above the rest

Many never step past wanting it. Doubts and fears cloud your vision, preventing you from taking the deep dive. The mission is to prepare you for the next chapter of your career and give you the courage to feed your hunger for achievement. Common lessons and information taught wire your mind to think like the rest. Rising above takes a dynamic mind who can flip the script and steer the industry you’re embarking in. 

Be ready to standout and earn recognition and create extraordinary moments from what’s right in front of you.

Chris Stock
Chris Stock speaking

Let’s get down to business

Lifting the veil on the nitty gritty details, struggles, and opportunities in business gives you an endless path to follow and become a leader of your industry.

Learning from both his triumphs and falls, you will strategize your next moves with the ultimate confidence in decision making and how you present yourself.

Navigating your way in the business world can be a harsh journey on your own. It’s time to dispel those secrets and leverage your power and adaptability to succeed in diverse environments.

Chris Stock speaks on the following topics


As an author, sales coach, and entrepreneur, Chris ties in a diverse range of industry and life experiences to help you become multi-faceted and knowledge in every area of business.

Marketing & Sales

Business Management

Relationship Building

Financial Success

Engaging Prospects

Achieving Leadership

Dream it. Do it

Are you ready to uncover your potential? Experience life-changing insight from an industry expert and become an unrivaled force. As a public speaker, Chris’ universal teaching at countless corporate events, spanning six continents, has turned dreams into reality. 

Events Chris has previously spoken at

  • Wind River
  • Island Malaysia
  • San Diego Realtors Association
  • P World
  • San Diego Startup Week
  • The Aesthetic Show
  • Vegas Cosmetic Surgery