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Content Marketing with SalesMD

Content marketing is a key element in driving organic traffic to your practice using high-quality content as way to display your expertise and engage to your target audiences. This involves creating valuable free resources for consumers in exchange for their attention. The goal of content marketing is to attract potential patients rather than sell products and services directly to them.

This digital marketing strategy is effective at building trust and establishes you as an industry expert, instilling confidence in potential patients before they book. A well-constructed content strategy is necessary for creating sustainable growth in the digital space.

Content marketing generates 3x more leads than PPC.

At SalesMD, we aim to create a content marketing strategy that produces engaging and relevant content to raise patient engagement and elevate you as an influential force in your industry.

Raise Awareness 

Providing relevant content your potential patients are interested in increases your discoverability. The most effective form of content currently is through video on social media channels, proving to have high rates of engagement as well as benefitting from easy sharing. High quality content attracts more visitors to your website. At SalesMD, we place emphasis on producing content that is engaging, informative and educational.

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Establish Authority and Expertise

The best online content establishes a practice as thought leaders in their field by publishing relevant content regularly. Publishing content that provides value to your audience builds credibility and familiarizes your audience with the faces behind your business. By providing useful information to your audience, more qualified leads are driven to your practice.

Engaging content brings high conversion rates, resulting in bookings and appointments. If you publish videos with helpful tips and advice, this can be particularly beneficial. Videos also allow you to share your personality which helps establish a personal connection with your audience.

Build a loyal community

Creating content that encourages interaction between your followers and your business allows you to build a loyal community. These interactions are effective at encouraging referrals and recommendations. Providing interesting and useful content encourages sharing, particularly on social media. Your audience becomes your brand ambassadors who promote your business. 

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Drive leads and conversions

High quality content has been proven to increase conversions. To convert more prospects into paying customers, you need to produce content that is focused on solving problems. Providing answers to common questions or offering solutions to pain points will drive more people to click through to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

With Google’s algorithm changing 500-600 times a year, having a solid website and continuous SEO optimization is crucial for landing your business in search results. Driving diverse content on your website is a highly effective practice that is a crucial element in any marketing strategy.

There are many different forms of content that can be included in the mix, it’s best practice to diversify and expand content in your digital marketing plan.

Different forms of content each have their unique strengths and broadening your range of content keeps people engaged. Forms of content can include: 

Video & Vlogs

Blog Posts

Press Releases



Case Studies