Bro-tox & Beyond: Targeting Men Boosts Med Spa Revenue by Thousands

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The beauty and wellness industry has traditionally focused on catering to women, but there is a growing market that med spas shouldn’t overlook: men. Men’s interest in self-care and aesthetics has been on the rise, and they are becoming increasingly open to explore the offerings of med spas.  

If you’re convinced men aren’t interested in aesthetic treatments, we’re here to convince you otherwise– because statistics don’t lie! 

Let’s look at the growing demand for men’s treatments, discuss why you need to target this demographic, and the societal shifts responsible for the boom. 

Men Are Chronically Underserved & Underrepresented

Despite the evolving landscape of the beauty and wellness industry, men still account for only about 20% of the market when it comes to visiting medical spas and aesthetic practices. This significant gap can be attributed to the lack of targeted marketing efforts directed specifically at men, as many facilities primarily cater to women. 

The reason men won’t enter a predominantly women’s clothing store is the same reason they won’t step foot into a medical spa practice solely using photos of women in their marketing materials. If you don’t create a welcoming and comfortable environment for them, why would they seek your services?  

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How Can Med Spas Welcome More Men to Their Practices?

As the demographics shift towards the millennials, med spas will need to adapt to the increasing demand for inclusivity by revamping their marketing strategies and creating an environment that appeals to men.  

This includes showcasing male-focused treatments, featuring diverse representations of male clientele in their promotional materials, and tailoring their messaging to address the specific concerns and goals of male patients. 

Investing in additional sales training and coaching ensures an inclusive experience for patients and explores men’s motivations for receiving cosmetic treatments. By embracing the changing demographics and proactively catering to the male market, med spas can position themselves as leaders in the industry and secure long-term success. 

Surprise– Men Are Outspending Women

Contrary to common assumptions, men outspend women in med spas by 13%. Men are seeking various treatments, including body-contouring procedures to reduce breast fat or “moobs,” flank reduction, testosterone treatments, laser procedures, and injectables. This trend is expected to continue growing with the rise of male millennials, who are projected to contribute significantly to the market in the coming years. 

Let’s look at what recent statistics say about men’s skyrocketing demand for cosmetic treatments. 

Botox & Injectables

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Injectable treatments offer a quick and convenient way to look and feel younger and are becoming increasingly popular among men. The “bro-tox” trend, which refers to male clients who opt for Botox treatments, has gained considerable traction in recent years. 

Men are not only increasingly interested in Botox but also in filler treatments such as Juvéderm and Restylane. With their natural contouring abilities, fillers are ideal for restoring facial volume without surgery. 

Statistics reveal a significant surge in the number of men seeking injectable treatments:  

  • Since 2000, there has been a remarkable 573% growth in patients aged 51-64 years old. 
  • Men aged 35-50 are not far behind with a gain of 403%. 

Even younger men in their 20s and 30s are showing a growing interest: 

  • A survey conducted in 2018 revealed that 1 in 3 men in America would consider Botox and other injectables. 
  • Additionally, 1 in 4 men expressed their willingness to spend over $500 on Botox treatments. 

Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is another popular treatment among men, eliminating the need to shave troublesome areas daily. A major selling point of the aesthetic service is the convenience it offers, saving time and hassle for busy male patients, and those who just downright hate razor bumps, irritation, and shaving itself. 

The demand for laser hair removal among men has seen a substantial increase over the years: 

  • In 2020, 757,808 laser hair removal procedures were performed on men, marking a significant rise from 86,235 procedures in 2000. 
  • The most popular laser hair removal areas for men include the chest, back, face, and neck. 

Changes in Demographics

A survey by the American Med Spa Association revealed that millennials already account for 20% of medical spa clients, and this number is set to increase as millennials enter their prime income-earning years. 

  • It’s predicted that male millennials will drive the market, potentially raising men’s share in the medical spa marketplace from 10% to 30% by 2030. 

The Booming Men’s Personal Care Market

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The booming men’s personal care market is a lucrative opportunity for med spas. Recent surveys indicate that men are spending more money on personal care and beauty products than ever before.  

  • The global market for men’s personal care is projected to reach a staggering $166 billion by 2023. 
  • Men are more likely to buy male-targeted products as opposed to ones marketed towards women. 
  • The rise can partially be attributed to the anonymity of online buying. 

It’s Not Just “Bro-tox”

While Botox and laser hair removal treatments are popular among men, it’s important to highlight that the male market extends beyond these two services. In fact, these treatments can act as gateway experiences, introducing men to the world of med spa services and paving the way for further exploration. 

Aesthetic practices and plastic surgeons can take advantage of attracting male potential customers by promoting popular services such as laser hair removal in marketing campaigns and cross-sell other aesthetic treatments as they become comfortable in the med spa environment. 

Other popular procedures among men include: 

  • Gynecomastia correction 
  • Body contouring 
  • Chin & jaw augmentation 
  • Hair restoration 
  • Rhinoplasty 
  • Sexual enhancement 

Why Are More Men Seeking Cosmetic Procedures?

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Men are becoming more conscious of their appearance, influenced by a variety of factors such as the prevalence of selfies and a heightened emphasis on personal image. 

Changing Beauty Standards

Beauty standards and societal norms are evolving, placing increased emphasis on appearance for both men and women. Men are now more aware of how their appearance can impact their personal and professional lives. The desire to meet these evolving standards and maintain a youthful, attractive appearance is a significant motivator for men to seek cosmetic treatments. 

Influence of Social Media and Selfies

The rise of social media platforms and the prevalence of selfies have made individuals more conscious of their image. Men, like women, are regularly exposed to images of attractive, well-groomed individuals on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

The rise in exposure has fueled a desire to achieve similar aesthetic ideals, leading men to consider cosmetic treatments to enhance their appearance. 

Increased Acceptance and Reduced Stigma

Even within just the past few years, there has been a notable reduction in the stigma surrounding cosmetic treatments for men. Men are more open to discussing their grooming routines, skincare concerns, and aesthetic goals. 

This increased acceptance has created a more supportive environment for men to seek out and openly pursue cosmetic treatments without fear of judgment or criticism. 

Overlooking the Male Market Will Cost Thousands

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If med spas don’t adapt to the growing demand and changing demographics of the male market, they risk missing out on significant business opportunities and growth potential. 

As the demand for inclusivity only grows and societal shifts continue to take place, overlooking the male potential patients in your marketing strategy will eventually alienate a significant portion of the market and hinder the long-term success of your med spa. By not tapping into the male market, you risk being perceived as out of touch and exclusionary, which can negatively impact your brand reputation and overall profitability. 

Furthermore, failing to adapt to the growing demands means missing out on valuable opportunities for growth and expansion. As more men become aware of the benefits of cosmetic treatments and actively seek out med spa services, your competitors who successfully cater to this demographic will gain a competitive advantage and attract a larger customer base. 

Here are some potential consequences of ignoring the male market: 

  • Missed revenue potential 
  • Lack of competitive edge 
  • Limited client base and growth potential 
  • Reduced brand relevance 
  • Missed opportunity for cross-selling and upselling 
  • Limited innovation and treatment options 

Seize the Opportunity and Boost Your Revenue

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Overall, men are increasingly seeking cosmetic treatments to enhance their appearance, boost their self-confidence, and align with evolving beauty standards. The combination of changing societal attitudes, increased acceptance, and a desire for self-improvement have created a growing market for cosmetic treatments among men. 

Med spas that recognize and cater to these motivations can effectively engage with male clients, tap into the expanding male market, and be early to capitalize on this opportunity! 

Not sure where to start? Tap into this up-and-coming market by contacting SalesMD today! 


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