6 Proven Reasons Outsourcing Calls Drives Plastic Surgery Revenue

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In the fast-paced and competitive world of plastic surgery, it’s crucial for practitioners to stay focused on their core expertise: delivering exceptional patient care and transforming lives through aesthetic procedures. However, an essential aspect of any successful practice is patient acquisition and retention, which often involves managing a high volume of phone calls. 

This is where outsourcing calls to a specialized agency like SalesMD can make a significant difference. If you’ve been considering outsourcing to maximize your conversion and take your patient support to the next level, we’ve compiled the research for you, so you don’t have to! 

In this blog, we’ll explore: 

  • Top reasons plastic surgeons should consider outsourcing calls 
  • How outsourcing calls can boost revenue and patient satisfaction 
  • Supporting data that shows why it’s a smart business decision 
  1. Focus on Your Expertise

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As a plastic surgeon, your primary focus should be providing top-tier medical services to your patients. Handling phone calls can be time-consuming and may divert your attention away from patient consultations, surgeries, and post-operative care. Outsourcing calls to a dedicated agency allows you to concentrate on what you do best, resulting in better patient outcomes and more time for professional development. 

While your team focuses on bookings and handling patient inquiries in the practice, an outsourced expert team will confidently handle your customer care during off hours and handle bookings without needing to be trained. 

  • The average plastic surgeon spends about 12 hours a week on administrative tasks, including phone calls and scheduling. (Medscape) 

Outsourcing reclaims a significant portion of this valuable time, so you can focus on shaping patients’ lives and be where money is made – the operating room! 

  1. Improved Patient Experience

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First impressions matter. When potential patients call your practice, their initial interaction with your staff will significantly impact their decision to choose you for their procedure. Outsourcing calls to a specialized agency ensures that all calls are handled professionally and efficiently, creating a positive impression of your practice right from the start. 

Undergoing surgical procedures can be a nerve-wracking experience and having the right talent pool by your side not only maximizes your conversions but also helps build trust and loyalty. 

  • 88% of customers consider their experience with a company as important as its products and services. (Salesforce) 

A positive first interaction boosts your patient acquisition rates and sets the tone for future engagements. 

  1. Enhanced Lead Conversion

Effective lead management is critical for plastic surgeons and every missed or mishandled call is a potential lost patient. Outsourcing to experts who are not only well-versed in lead generation and conversion techniques but knowledgeable in cosmetic surgery and medical practices can significantly improve your practice’s ability to turn inquiries into appointments. 

Each point of contact matters. Ensuring your contact center provides stellar and timely support to your prospective patients exponentially increases your chances of converting your leads. 

  • The odds of converting a lead into a customer are 21 times greater when contacted within five minutes compared to waiting for 30 minutes (InsideSales). 

Outsourcing ensures quick response times, maximizing your conversion rates and keeping your practice’s booking calendar full. 

  1. Scalability and Flexibility

Your practice’s call volume may fluctuate over time due to marketing campaigns, seasonal variations, or other factors. Maintaining an in-house call center capable of handling peak loads can be inefficient and costly. It often leads to overstaffing during quiet periods and understaffing during busy times. 

Envisioning future growth is crucial to sustainable success and remaining competitive. As you expand your practice and tap into new markets or introduce new plastic surgery services to patients, the demand will likely evolve. An in-house call center’s static infrastructure could potentially become a bottleneck, hindering your ability to adapt to changing patient needs. 

Outsourcing allows you to scale your call-handling services up or down as needed, ensuring that you’re always equipped to manage the flow of inquiries. 

  1. Cost Savings

Managing an in-house call center can be a daunting task for any plastic surgery practice. It requires not only the recruitment and training of skilled staff but also the substantial overhead costs associated with maintaining an operational call center. 

With the choice of paying per minute, you ensure your plastic surgery practice only pays for the exact volume of calls received. This cost-effective approach also allows you to leverage the latest technology and access expert resources, all without making a long-term commitment. 

  • Businesses reduce up to 60% of operating costs when outsourcing contact centers (Deloitte). 

Outsourcing calls to a specialized agency can be a cost-effective solution, as you only pay for the services you use, without the added expense of maintaining an in-house team. 

  1. Increased Efficiency

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An experienced outsourcing partner will provide the latest technology and resources to swiftly handle calls, leading to improved efficiency in your practice. Automated systems capture important patient information right from the start and route calls to the proper personnel based on factors like availability and expertise. 

This ensures that patients are quickly connected to support at the prime time, resulting in more bookings and a better overall experience for the patients of your plastic surgery medical practice. 

Streamlining your booking processes will help you stay competitive in the plastic surgery business, as your team focuses on uninterrupted care within the practice while you deliver excellent results in the operating room. 

Is Outsourcing Calls Right for Your Plastic Surgery Clinic? 

Outsourcing calls can be a great way to improve the patient experience, enhance lead conversion, and save valuable time for plastic surgeons. Whether you’re facing a smaller volume of people and wish to increase your capture of potential customers or a larger surgical center looking to better manage your call volume, outsourcing can be a great solution. 

Looking to maximize each lead, enhance the patient experience, and skyrocket your revenue? Contact SalesMD today to get started! 

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