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Social media is among the top channels for businesses to market their products and services, while receiving a high ROI. While true, there is one caveat: you must have a strategic social media plan that supports your specific business goals. A great social media marketing strategy benefits your medical practice and puts you in the spotlight where your potential patients are already spending their time at!

Does your social media profile accurately portray your practice?

We work closely with your team to ensure the best results for your practice. Our goal is to establish your practice as a leader in the industry and we do this through helping you get noticed by your target audience.

SalesMD is a digital marketing agency focused on increasing sales and revenue for medical practices across the country. With years of combined experience working in the field of aesthetic medicine, SalesMD has developed a unique understanding of what it takes to succeed online.


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Increase brand awareness

Cutting through all the competition means your practice must be a recognizable force above everything else. Branding is about creating reputation and differentiation and determines how desirable potential clients perceive you as.

Here at SalesMD, our social media experts manage your social media channels and upholds consistent branding of your practice. We aim to create a wide range of quality content with authenticity that appeals to your ideal audience of prospective patients.

Optimizing your social media platforms drives lead generation by maximizing the reach of your target audience. Implementing effective social media marketing requires a deep understanding of the ideal patient, social media algorithms, and a great content strategy.

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Build community and loyalty

Having a strong social media presence can set you aside from your competition and can ultimately be the difference of potential patients choosing you over another practice. Social platforms can also help to nurture and to create relationships between individuals and healthcare providers before they even step into the office, providing an already personalized experience.

When patients are able to connect with you through social media they may be more interested in actually coming in as well as more comfortable making an appointment because they already feel familiar with you. 

Educate your patients

Rise above the false information online and take the opportunity to educate prospective patients on certain products, treatments, and procedures. We increase your exposure when patients on social media and make health and medical related searches.

Providing patient education through social media posts establishes you as the expert in your field. We maximize your social media efforts by tailoring your strategy around what’s trending to capture the attention of your target audience with scroll-stopping content.

A social media strategy a cost-effective form of marketing that can have a large impact your medical practice. It is an opportunity to represent your brand as well as to create, nurture and grow your brand while building relationships and online communities within the medical care field. 

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