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Sales Training and Coaching

Amplify your revenue & inspire team success with ethical sales strategies tailored for the aesthetic industry.

Why choose sales training and coaching?

Transform conversations into conversions

In the rapidly evolving world of plastic surgery, mastering the art of selling while cultivating genuine connections through effective communication strategies is pivotal. At SalesMD, we delve into the emotional intricacies of medical treatments, ensuring you approach sensitive conversations with finesse and respect boundaries. Our specialized sales training equips you to guide discussions, influence outcomes, and elevate your practice with successful consultations and higher conversion rates.

We understand the unique challenges plastic surgery practices face when it comes to sales and patient conversions. Our program is designed to address these challenges head-on, ensuring that your sales team is equipped to handle objections, build relationships, and close deals that align with your practice’s values and patient-centered approach.


Supercharge your sales

for sustainable growth.

Enhance Patient Relationships

Our sales training guides your team to kindle genuine connections with potential patients and differentiate you from the competition. Our unique communication strategies and empathetic understanding build stronger relationships and trust in your aesthetic plastic surgery practice.

Boost Conversion Rates

Craft a compelling case for your services through ethical selling practices that prioritize patient trust and satisfaction. Our training equips your team with the skills to ethically address objections, build authentic connections, and instill patient confidence in choosing you.

Maximize Annual Revenue

From closing sales to upselling complementary services, we empower your team to maximize revenue generation at every stage of the patient journey. We know practice profitability isn’t just getting patients through the door – it’s about providing value that keeps them coming back.

Deliver Consistent Excellence

Delivering an exceptional patient experience at every touchpoint is essential. Our medical industry-focused training guarantees consistency across your team’s interactions, ensuring patients always receive the highest level of service, and building your practice’s reputation and credibility.

Empower your team and watch your practice thrive.

Transformative training modules

With expertise in working with board-certified plastic surgeons and aesthetics practices, we’ve developed the unique sales approach required to be successful in this space.

Our transformative training modules are designed to equip your team with the skills and insights needed to excel in the competitive landscape of medical aesthetics.

The Sales Conversation

While we value established processes, we also recognize the need to adapt to each patient’s unique needs. Our framework strikes a balance between structure and flexibility, guaranteeing that conversations and consultations yield expected outcomes.

Telling the Story

The power of ‘storyselling’ is central to our sales training. Stories forge emotional connections, fostering a deeper understanding between patients and your practice. Effective storytelling involves skillful narration that guides patients toward making informed decisions.

Art of Questioning

Backed by research, impactful questioning sets top-tier salespeople apart. Likewise, within your practice, understanding patients’ needs through thoughtful questioning is essential for delivering a remarkable customer experience.

Overcoming Objections

Handling objections with empathy is crucial in creating same-day conversions. We empower your team to navigate objections by identifying and addressing concerns. This strategic approach cultivates patient trust and creates a smooth path to successful bookings.

Mindset Mastery

The right mindset is crucial. Confidence stems from honing, and perfecting skills, and our sales training is a lively, experiential journey. We ensure that your team operates from a position of strength, consistently delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The salesMD Playbook

Our consultation playbook forms the backbone of your practice’s success. Built on a structured framework, it guides consultative interactions while allowing room for patient nuances. The result? Consistency, excellence, and optimal patient outcomes.


Growth requires the sales skills to not just survive, but to also thrive.


Deliver an exceptional experience at every point of contact

Every point of contact with your practice shapes the perception and the decision-making of potential patients.

From the first phone call to post-treatment follow-ups, your team is given the prowess to create meaningful connections, address concerns empathetically, and guide patients toward informed decisions. By focusing on delivering value and building trust at each interaction, we help your medical practice stand out as a trusted, patient-centric choice in the competitive landscape of medical aesthetics.

Our sales training and coaching programs go beyond teaching techniques – we prioritize creating consistently excellent experiences throughout the patient journey.

Ditch the cookie-cutter approach

Sales strategies tailored to Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Practices only.

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work – so we’ve reimagined the medical sales process. Your average sales training tells you what you already know – we show you how to win from the first phone call and beyond. With proven sales training and strategies, finely tuned for medical aesthetics, your medical team gains the confidence and expertise to excel.

Our wide range of game-changing strategies ignites your medical team’s momentum and creates a loyal patient base whether they’re novices or seasoned in sales.


Let us do the heavy lifting.

Consultation & procedure booking

While your front desk and patient care coordinators focus on giving the best customer experience in the office, our team proactively maximizes each lead. With advanced technology and automated workflows, we make the patient booking process streamlined, efficient, and effective.

Our patient booking specialists accelerate practice growth and engage patients at prime time, so you never miss an opportunity. From personalized emails to text messaging, we capture leads and foster relationships with existing clients – even when you’re out of the office.


Raise revenue & build rapport

Elevate your sales prowess and reach your revenue goals with salesMD’s sales training and coaching.