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Responsive Websites with SalesMD

Your website serves as your online business front, so it needs to be designed with the same attention and care you would give your physical storefront. Responsive web design is one that automatically adjusts itself based on the screen size of the device being used to view it. With the majority of users on a variety of mobile devices as well as desktop computers, responsive web design aims to enhance the user experience using techniques such as fluid grids or flexible grids to ensure the look and feel of a website looks just as good on mobile versions as it does on a desktop browser window.

We’ll create & host your stunning site

At SalesMD, our team of web developers aim to create unique responsive websites that consistently reflects your branding throughout, without sacrificing the user experience. In collaboration with your practice, our design teams determine the desired look and feel of your website to create a website that portrays elegance and expertise– presenting a compelling case for potential clients to trust your practice. We then build out the site from scratch, customizing elements such as navigation menus, forms, and other content areas to match your brand standards.

Search engine optimization is then done to help boost your rankings and increase traffic to your site. Once complete, we host your new website on our servers, making sure everything runs smoothly and securely. Our team of web designers are experts in creating beautiful, functional, and effective websites for medical practices.

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The importance of responsive web design

The idea behind responsive web design is simple: websites should adapt their layout and appearance to fit whatever device they’re being viewed on such as a mobile device. User experience on a website heavily influences the impression and level of engagement a potential patient will have.

Making a great impression online is just as important as when patients walk into your practice. An outdated, busy looking website in today’s digital-crazy world can make or break whether a patient books an appointment or not and may turn them away to a competitor. 

The most important role that responsive web design plays, is ensuring that your website is accessible on all mobile devices, screen resolutions, and modern browsers, allowing any prospective patient to reach the contact and info on your website as needed.

What are the benefits of responsive websites?

There are many advantages to having a responsive website. First and foremost, it saves time. The process of creating separate sites for each device is cumbersome and takes a lot more time than building a single site that works across all platforms. It also allows you to create a better overall user experience by making sure content is displayed correctly no matter where a visitor comes from.

As mentioned, a responsive website is much easier to update and maintain. There’s no need to worry about updating multiple pages if there’s any changes made to the code, because everything is updated at once. In addition, new features are easily added without worrying about compatibility issues.

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A responsive website is SEO friendly

Search engines like Google understand how to interpret a website’s HTML code and use this information to determine what type of page it is. If a website has been optimized properly, search engines will rank it higher than a non-responsive version. This means that a responsive website will display at the top of search results.

A responsive website is future proof. When designing a website, it is crucial for it to display correctly on every possible platform including having responsive images. 

Responsive web design is also becoming increasingly important. In fact, Google recently announced that it would begin penalizing sites that don’t use responsive designs. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, responsive web design should be incorporated now. Using an adaptive design element such as flexible images within responsive layouts ensures that these assets your website appears correctly on all device classes and mobile browsers– especially important with the many different types of phones mobile users have.