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Leadership Coaching at SalesMD

Leadership coaching is a process of helping doctors and practice owners develop their own personal leadership style and effectiveness, as well as the ability to influence others to create a successful team in their business. Running successful aesthetic practices and wellness clinics requires doctors to become well-versed in business management and foster an environment that is motivating to their team. The doctor’s role is to be a leader who guides his or her staff through the steps necessary for success. They must also be able to manage their time effectively and know how to fill their roles to keep operations afloat without needing constant direction.

Chris Stock will lead the executive coaching and mentoring program for your clinic. With years of experience in leadership development, including his experience coaching physicians, and being part of a global coaching team for UNICEF, he has helped countless businesses and doctors find a process that works best for them.

As your executive coach, Chris will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, provide feedback on how to improve your performance, and teach you about the importance of being a good leader. He will work closely with you to set goals and objectives, and help you build a plan during the coaching process.

The Goal of Executive Coaching is to Help You:


Develop your own unique leadership style and build confidence in your ability to lead


Learn how to motivate others to achieve goals


Understand what it takes to run a successful clinic/practice


Gain insight into how to improve your practice management skills


Create a positive work culture within your office


Become more effective communicators


Learn how to handle difficult situations with grace and professionalism


Learn how to deal with conflict

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Building a leader mentality

Because doctors are not inherently business managers, additional support is needed to ensure that you are equipped to run a successful business. In addition to improving communication and decision-making skills, doctors need to be able to develop a vision for the future of their practice, set clear expectations, and manage staff.

The skills that make for great doctors may not translate directly well into managing a team. Rigidity and attention to detail can easily become micro-management with the compulsion for control– something that easily brings hostility into the team environment. It’s important to remember that while you’re leading a team, you’re also part of one. Your success as a leader depends on the strength of your relationship with your team members.

How does Leadership Coaching support me?

Coaching sessions by SalesMD will give you practical tools and strategies to better understand yourself and your strengths. Running a clinic requires doctors to become a physician executive for the longevity and growth of their business. You will learn how to use these insights to make decisions about the path your business takes. The knowledge gained will guide you on how to communicate effectively to persuade and motivate your team in a healthy manner. The end goal is to help you become a confident leader who can inspire others to follow you. 

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How will I benefit from Leadership coaching?

Along with handling patient care, there are additional stressors that can make running a clinic feel overwhelming. This feeling is heightened when there is a lack of coaching engagement among a team from a leader, something necessary to keep everyone motivated and focused on achieving the common goals. Through coaching, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your challenges and receive constructive feedback from someone who understands your situation.

A team led by a great physician leader will bring out the individual strengths of each member and maximize efficiency, understanding, and motivation within the workplace. A strong leader will encourage employees to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities, which will result in increased productivity and happiness at work.