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Email marketing with SalesMD

The majority of individuals prefer brands to use emails to communicate with them over most other marketing channels. Email marketing campaigns are an effective way to engage existing and new patients and play a crucial role in your marketing efforts.

An email marketing strategy needs to be the perfect blend of being informative while crafting a clear call to action to convert potential customers into patients. An effective email marketing campaign will link the emails to the blogs, run a campaign email once a month, and incorporate follow-up emails based on traction from the audience.

We create, organize, and catalogue your email marketing list via specific email tools to ensure that the right messages go to the right people at the right time. The purpose of each email is to receive the maximum number of responses from the email lists.

Generating an email marketing list and email subscribers for an email campaign begins with collecting email addresses and important data about the leads. We have specific methods of generating and organizing these leads inside of an EMR system.

Advantages of email marketing:

Personalize your content

Increase lead volumes

Drive traffic to website

Boost promotions & sales


Communicate with your audience

Cost-effective campaigns

Retain customers' loyalty

Own your email list

Convert potential patients

Boost conversions with email marketing

The key to success is making sure that your email marketing campaigns are relevant and targeted towards your ideal customer. Every patient has their own unique needs and wants. By creating personalized and targeted messages, you’ll be able to connect with your email list more effectively and lower your risk of being put into the spam folder. By leveraging email marketing platforms, we can send out automated emails to your current and prospective patients and analyze customer interaction to tailor our strategy when creating an effective email marketing campaign.

We collaborate with the doctor and staff to determine the topic and verbiage of each email and ensure that it is on brand and representative of the practice and its values. The design and contents of the email will often be intertwined with the topic of the corresponding blog posts. Blogs are a crucial part of content marketing and are utilized as a great tool for websites and SEO. They can be more educational and informative, bring people back to the site, and are a way to demonstrate thought leadership.

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audience engagement through email marketing

Engage your audience through email marketing

We make sure to highlight the most valuable content and present it in a way that is easy to digest and guides people to the practice’s website. The system of communication with potential patients and email deliverability should be thought as a very delicate and meticulous process. Peoples time is precious, and they don’t spend a lot of time actually reading promotional emails so it’s crucial to display engaging marketing messages as the first content exposed to increase the click-through rate.

From forming attention grabbing email subject lines to closing with irresistible call to actions, we increase conversion rates and turn potential customers into real patients.

Stay connected with your patients

A successful email marketing campaign can greatly help to convert potential customers into patients. Sending out monthly emails is away to consistently reengaged with past, current, and potential patients. The goal with email newsletters is to introduce a practice, to educate patients of new treatments or procedures and to notify patients of promotions and new offers or to promote holiday specials through a series of emails.

We can also create engaging stories through an email marketing series and send timely campaign content as informative reminders to current patients and potential customers. This activity increases conversion rates, encouraging people to visit the website, learn more and book consultations.

One of the many benefits of email marketing is that it’s completely customizable to you and your practice. You can pick and choose whatever information or designs that you think will best represent your brand and practices core message. Once we have determined what to focus your email campaign around, we take it from there!

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