Call Center Buildout

Lay down a high-performing foundation for your practice with our call center build out solutions.

Optimize your sales process with a refined call center

Set your practice up for success with a patient-centric process.

Patient experiences are paramount – and the first touchpoint for potential patients is often your call center. When striving for patient satisfaction, having a well-designed and expertly managed medical contact center is a game-changer for your practice and is among the most important aspects of your business operations.

From implementing industry-leading software to constructing a results-driven workflow, we transform your call center into a patient-focused powerhouse, maximizing every interaction and boosting your practice’s success.

Our team of experts is dedicated to tailoring solutions that match your plastic surgery practice’s unique needs and ambitions. With a focus on efficiency, professionalism, and delivering a top-tier patient experience, we’re here to build a medical contact center that perfectly aligns with your goals.


Elevate your sales process

and guarantee growth.

Patient Engagement

Your call center serves as a gateway to your practice where potential patients often form their first impressions. Our custom-built call centers ensure that these crucial interactions are warm and personalized, establishing trust and creating lasting relationships.

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline patient support with processes suited to the unique needs of plastic surgery practices. An optimized call center workflow reduces administrative burdens on your team, allowing them to focus on what they do best – delivering outstanding patient care.

Resource Optimization

Tailoring your call center means precisely having the right agents, effective systems, and protocols designed to deliver customer satisfaction. This maximizes efficiency and minimizes operating costs, ensuring every interaction is a step toward practice growth.

Build a Framework for Reliable Results.

Our proven process

Our call center services simplify building a thriving medical contact center. We collaborate closely to craft a tailored strategy, from agent selection and training to booking processes, all tailored to maximize each customer call.

Streamlined Systems

Building the foundation of a high performing call center team requires the proper tools. We equip your practice with bespoke phone systems, providing guidance on how to maximize your new software during the call center setup process.

Cultivate Your Sales Team

We craft tailored job descriptions, design competitive compensation packages, develop motivation strategies, and provide leadership guidance. We focus on nurturing a skilled team, so your practice can thrive.

Define Your Winning Process

Establishing a results-driven process is crucial to maximizing customer satisfaction. We design & refine call center processes, teaching you to analyze key performance indicators & conduct detailed reporting, driving consistent performance.

Standard Operating Procedures

Collaborating with your team, comprehensive guides are created to cover every aspect of call center operations tailored to plastic surgery. This ensures your team have a clear reference for all procedures, promoting a seamless workflow.


Guarantee performance anywhere

Set up a performing team that drives growth regardless of location.

Whether your practice needs a virtual call center or a physical office space, we provide tailored strategies to create a conducive workspace for your agents to thrive and deliver a positive customer experience.

Our experts are well-versed in setting up efficient virtual call centers or optimizing physical office spaces, ensuring your team’s productivity and performance remain consistently high, regardless of the location.

Success in sales requires a foundation that sets you up to perform with ease.

Seamlessly drive consultations & bookings

A successful practice thrives on a flawless patient journey.

The key to driving consultations and bookings lies in a well-structured process. Our Medical Call Center Buildout gives your team the essential tools to seamlessly schedule appointments, promptly respond to patient inquiries, and efficiently manage both inbound and outbound calls, contributing to a hassle-free patient experience.

By implementing our comprehensive service, you can ensure that your practice operates at peak efficiency, minimizing patient wait times, and maximizing consultation bookings. We focus on the intricate details of your call center setup, so you can focus on what matters most – providing exceptional patient care and growing your practice.


Amplify your revenue and inspire team success.

Focus on your craft

Leave behind the burdens of patient booking and lead conversion as you immerse yourself in your true passion – shaping patients’ lives.
With us at your side, you can cast aside concerns about admin tasks and entrust our expert team to handle appointment booking and lead engagement seamlessly.

Crafting stunning transformations through surgical procedures – while we handle the rest with precision.

Amplify your revenue and inspire team success.

Sales training & coaching

Your call center agents are the front-line representatives of your practice. Our sales training and coaching inspires the skills and knowledge needed to excel in patient interactions to amplify your revenue and elevate your call center.

From building genuine relationships to objection handling, our training modules prepare your agents to deliver the highest level of service, specific to plastic surgery patient interactions.


Streamline your sales & drive revenue.

Build a successful foundation for growth with us today!